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Lab 4

First Floor House Plan



Assignment: Floor Plan

1)      Use Qnew to start a new drawing.

2)      Use template file Architectural, English units -Color Dependent Plot Styles.dwt.

3)      On the lower right corner of the drawing area, select “Model” space. This puts you into the drawing environment.

4)      Under the pull down menu “Format” activate the following commands to set the values for the major aspects of any drawing. Layers, Linetype, Textstyle, Dimension Style, Units and Drawing Limits.

5)      Create appropriate layers according to industry standards (or company standards) with the Layer Properties Manager. All layers will have corresponding colors, linetypes and linewidths. Autocad has a library of line types and line widths to choose from. They can be accessed and loaded from the Layer Properties Manager. Linetypes and Linewidths can  be loaded from a few other menu options within AutoCad. See text Chapter 11 beginning on page 184. Example of a layer properties are:

      LAYER:      COLOR:       LINETYPE

Wall              White          Continuous

Door             Cyan           Continuous

Dimension     Green          Continuous

Gentxt           White          Continuous

Border          Red             Continuous

Window        White          Continuous

6)      Utilize the Text Style Manager to create text “styles”.  i.e.: dimension, gentxt. See text Chapter 18 beginning on page 337. The size of the text can be set within this dialogue box or during the insertion of text. Text size and font style will need to be experimented with if you are not following industry standards or company standards. For this drawing text sizes should range between 6” and 10”.

7)      Dimension Style Manager is used to create settings for the appearance of dimensioning. There are many tabs within this manger. See text Chapter 26 pages 491 to 526 for definitions of all the settings available. Choose Modify>>Primary Units and for the Linear Dimensions select Architectural with a precision of 0'-0' 1/2". 

8)      Utilizing the same “Format” pull down menu select the Units Dialogue box. This dialogue allows you to set the drawing units for any drawing. This drawing will utilize architectural type standards with a precision of ˝”.  Also under the "Format" pull down menu, set the Drawing Limits for this size object( approximately to 0,0 and 70’,50’).

9)      Under “File” choose “saveas” to save drawing under appropriate name and directory.

10)  Turn the grid “on”.

11)  Zoom drawing to “all”.

12)  Start drawing at a X,Y coordinate that will allow for good drafting practices to be used. Though objects can be moved if needed.

13)  Proceed drawing using draw and modify commands and basic drafting techniques.

14)  A new command for this project is creating blocks to be inserted when an object needs to be created and used multiple times. This command is discussed in detail in Chapter 20 starting on page 354.  Create blocks for the two different door types and the windows.

                     Last Updated:  2 March 2008