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Lab 3

Rocker Arm



Assignment: Rocker Arm

1)      Use Qnew to start a new drawing.

2)      Use default template acad.dwt file. This will set the limits to 12x9.

3)      Under “File” choose “Saveas” to save drawing under appropriate name and directory.

4)      At the Command Line, type in “units”.

5)      Within the dialogue box choose appropriate units and precision settings.

6)      Turn the grid “on”.

7)      Zoom drawing to “all”.

8)      Create appropriate layers, colors and load linetypes under the pull down menu “format”. Example: Layers would be border, part, dimension, text, titleblock and each layer would have a corresponding color. Load linetypes that may be needed in drawing.

9)      Utilize the Text Style Manager to create different text “styles”. i.e.: dimensions, labels, etc.

10)  Start drawing at a X,Y coordinate that will allow for good drafting practices to be used. Objects can be moved if needed.

11)  Proceed drawing using draw and modify commands and basic drafting techniques.

12)  Draw construction lines on the angles defined by the two different axis on the part.

13)  Utilize the UCS manager menu and change the angle of drawing plane as need to create the necessary features.  You can find this under the Tools>New UCS drop down menu.

14)  Utilize the circle command (TTR) Tangent-Tangent-Radius then modify with trim and/or break command to create the arcs.

15)  Once the drawing is created, from the pull down menu “dimension” click on “style” and modify the settings for your specific project.  Dimension the part as shown in the example. 

16)  Draw a rectangle around project.

17)  Utilize the “pedit” command to give the border some width, then add the text information in the lower right (name, lab, etc).  Also add the labels at the top of the part and the notes on the lower left.

18)  Email your AutoCAD drawing to

                     Last Updated:  3 Mar 2010