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105A Willard Hall
School of Education
University of Delaware
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I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics education. In Fall 2012, I am teaching two undergraduate courses. MATH 252 is the second out of three mathematics content courses for prospective elementary school teachers that we offer at UD. It focuses on rational number concepts and operations as well as proportional reasoning. EDUC 336 is a methods course for prospective middle school mathematics teachers.

Undergraduate courses. At the undergraduate level at the University of Delaware, the course I have taught most frequently is EDUC 336, a curriculum and methods course specifically targeted to future middle school mathematics teachers. My scholarship intersects with my teaching of this course. Generally, I am interested in how teachers learn to study the effects of their own teaching in order to improve it and learn from their own practice (Hiebert, Morris, Berk, & Jansen, 2007). I have conducted research on prospective teachers' reflective thinking skills in the context of my mathematics methods course for middle school teachers (Jansen & Spitzer, 2009). I have had the opportunity to work with a group of middle school mathematics teachers who are recent graduates of UD's elementary teacher education program (with a specialization in middle school mathematics) and learn about how they reflected upon their own practice (Jansen & Webel, in progress). Also, I am conducting some collaborative research with my colleagues, funded by the National Science Foundation, to follow up with our graduates of our elementary teacher education program to understand the degree to which they draw upon their mathematics knowledge for teaching and analysis of teaching skills (promoted through undergraduate courses in mathematics education) in their own teaching practice.

Additionally, I have taught MATH 252, which is our second of three mathematics content courses for elementary school teachers. MATH 252 covers rational number concepts and operations as well as proportional reasoning. I have taught EDUC 335, our methods course for pre-service elementary mathematics teachers, as well.

Graduate courses. I have had the privilege of teaching our Proseminar for incoming Ph.D. students in the School of Education (EDUC 806) from the Fall of 2008 through the Fall of 2011. This course is integrated with EDUC 850 (qualitative methods, taught by Dr. Bob Hampel.) In the mathematics education program area, I have taught two doctoral courses: EDUC 835 (Research and Theory on Mathematics Curriculum - Foundations of Mathematics Education 3) and EDUC 833 (Research and Theory on Mathematics Learning - Foundations of Mathematics Education 1).

One of my teaching interests at the graduate level is the mathematical preparation of doctoral students in mathematics education. As a fellow with the Center for the Scholarship of School Mathematics located at the Education Development Center, I have been involved in a nation-wide network of faculty who develop courses designed to provide doctoral students with opportunities to engage in personally relevant mathematics and engage in a short term mathematics research project. The goals of these courses are focused on developing mathematical habits of mind and skills for posing their own questions about mathematics over developing particular mathematics content. The CSSM fellows also study the effects of these courses for the purposes of understanding doctoral student learning and improving the design of the courses. I have collaborated locally with Dr. Alfinio Flores, my colleague in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Delaware, on our version of this course (Spring 2008). We presented about our work on this course at the NCTM research pre-session in 2009, along with faculty from other institutions who have taught similar courses. We offered this course again in the Spring of 2012.

K-12 teaching. In my previous career, I was a junior high mathematics teacher (grades seven through nine) in Mesa, Arizona.

A list of courses I have taught previously is on my C.V.