Jeffrey Heinz

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Linguistics and Cognitive Science.
University of Delaware
42 E. Delaware Avenue
Newark, DE 19716

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Overview.I have written some software for for manipulating finite state machines, and elements of an alphabet which have various properties. I typically use these programs from the command line, or in scripts, which I find very effective (though if anyone is interested in developing a graphical user interface for them, I'd like to hear about it). These programs help me research properties of phonological patterns and the particulars of certain kinds of learning algorithms.

Requirements. The software available here are all implemented in the OCaML programming language so OCaML needs to be installed in order for them to compile and run. You can learn more about OCaML and download it from the OCaML homepage at Another option for downloading and installing is using GODI which organizes a lot of libraries for OCaML. It is easy to use and I recommend it. Go to

Cross-platform usage. On GNU/Linux and Mac OSes, it will be easy to install OCaML. With a Windows OS, you could install Cygwin and then OCaML. Alternatively, if you use a Windows OS, you could simply add the GNU/Linux OS to your computer and make it "dual-boot". Many GNU/Linux installers (e.g. Ubuntu) have automated this process making it very simple. My own feeling is this is a better choice than Cygwin. It does require partitioning your hard drive so some empty space is required. Here are some instructions on how to do this with Ubuntu.

License. Everything here is under the GNU General Public License.

Installing the software. Download the archives below and unpack them.

gunzip file.tar.gz
tar -xvf file.tar

Then navigate into the relevant directory. Then type

make opt
mkdir doc
make doc

There is more detailed information about installation in the README in the directory.

Using the software. See the documentation for details about these OCaML libraries and command line utilities.











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