The 2nd UConn Workshop on Stress and Accent

This workshop is supported by NSF#1123692.

Time and Location

December 3, 2011
Arjona building , third floor
University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus
Storrs, CT

Additional Information

For those who wish to stay in the campus hotel, please go to for the Nathan Hale Inn. For 'improvised accomodation' for students, contact Beata Moskal (

Posters Welcome

The speakers below are invited speakers. However, for the occassion, we welcome poster presentations on the subject of stress and/or accent. Please send an abstract of the poster (max. 200 words) or requests for further information to Harry van der Hulst - Email: To be considered, poster abstracts must be received by November 30, 2011.


(Updated Nov. 16, 2011)
9:30 Registration and Welcome
10:00 Opening
Unstressed words and stress on lexically unstressed syllables in Spanish
José Ignacio Hualde (UIUC)
10:50 Coffee break
Harmony times culminativity equals unbounded stress
Jeffrey Heinz (U. of Delaware)
Classifying stress patterns by cognitive complexity
James Rogers (Earlham)
12:30 Lunch break
How many stress types are there? Linguistic typology and the unseen species problem
Max Bane (U. of Chicago)
Evaluating the quality of stress data
Paul de Lacy (Rutgers)
3:20 Coffee Break
Representations and operations in rhythmic stress
Kathryn Pruitt (UMass)
Separating primary stress from rhythm: evidence from StressTyp1
Harry van der Hulst (UConn) and Rob Goedemans (Leiden U.)
The form of stress generalizations
William Idsardi (UMCP)
5:40 Closing