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Richard Hanley
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Most of my published articles are available elsewhere on the Web (see Recent Activity), though you'll need a subscription to access some of them.  This page has some otherwise unavailable articles, in PDF format (you'll need Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free).

"A wolf in sheep's cloning?" Monash Bioethics Review 18: 59-62, 1999.
Argues that cloning a human organism is just an interesting form of reproduction, and raises no new ethical issues.  PDF

"A Modest Proposal,"  Public Affairs Quarterly 18: 1-12, 2004.
I argue that on proper examination, Peter Singer's overall ethical views do not imply moral vegetarianism, even granting his  controversial views about adult non-human animals.  By Singer's own lights, we seem permitted to turn our gastronomic attention to the very young, a result that crosses species boundaries.  PDF