Gourmet Rapport
Philosophical songs written and performed by Richard Hanley

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    1. Worm (added 06/07/10): MP4a    Lyrics

  1.  A-Oneism, and a-Twoism, and a-Threeism and a-... I guess you could say I'm still a committed Twoist. Everything on the track is me, except for some drum loops.

    1. Zombie Charmers (added 03/19/10): MP4a    Lyrics

  1.  AKA "This Chalming Man!" I borrowed some lyrics and a bit of melody from Rod Argent--guess which band he was in? Everything on the track is me, except for some drum loops.

    1. All The Myriad Ways: MP4a    Lyrics

  1.  Mostly inspired by David Lewis, this song is about philosophical "roads to indifference," with a quick analogy to the road to Damascus. Musically, I was thinking about some Australian connections: my wife knew Martyn Casey, who played bass with The Triffids in Perth, and then with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. That made me look up The Triffids, and I found out that Dave McComb was dead... bummer. Everything on the track is me, except for some drum loops.

    1. What Mary Didn’t Know: MP4a    Lyrics

  1.  I'd really like to have a female lead vocal, if there are any volunteers. It turns out this isn't the only song with this title. A Christian band named Go Fish already did one, but it's about Mary Magdalene. I couldn't let that go unpunished! My wife and daughter helped with the crowd vocal. Everything else is me, with drum loops and one small bass loop.


    1. Scorekeeping in a Language Game: MP4a    Lyrics

  1.  David Lewis rules! Pretty self-explanatory, but you might have to listen carefully to get all the references. (How many songs  start with "Psst..."?) Lots of drum and percussion loops, and a bass loop--everything else is me.


    1. Love in the Time of Nihilism: MP4a    Lyrics

  1.  How do you relate to someone with a different ontology, especially an austere one? Sad, really. For fun I used almost all loops for the guitar parts, heavily editing them, some drum loops, and couple of bass loops. Of course, some would deny I did any such thing.

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