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APA Group Meeting 2010

APA Group Meetings

Pacific Division 2011

  1. David Chalmers, “Lewis’s Aufbau”

  2. Joshua Spencer, “Alien Properties and Rigidified Roles”

Pacific Division 2010

  1. Terry Horgan, “Quantification with crossed fingers.”

  2. Richard Hanley, “Counterfactuals, back-tracking, and time travel.”


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  3. David Kellogg Lewis Appreciation Society on Facebook (different group)


David Kellogg Lewis (1941-2001) was a peerless philosopher in the analytic tradition. The David Kellogg Lewis Society (founded 2010) exists to honor his memory, and to encourage study, discussion, criticism, and extension of his work. We currently meet annually at the Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association. Visit us on Facebook by clicking below!


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