Dr Eric Benson is a faculty member at the University of Delaware.
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What's new with Dr. Benson and the Applied Poultry Research group.
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New Lighting Project! Dr. Benson and his research team recently recieved funding from the US Poultry and Egg Association for a new poultry lighting study. We are currently looking for an undergraduate engineering or engineering technology student to help collect data.

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(302) 831-0256

242 Townsend Hall
Newark, DE 19716


University of Delaware Applied Poultry Research

Cutting Edge Poultry Research

Eric R. Benson, Ph.D., is associate professor in both the Bioresources Engineering Department and Animal and Food Science Department at the University of Delaware.

Dr. Benson is actively involved in applied poultry research, in particular emergency poultry disease response and poultry air quality. Dr. Benson brings an agricultural engineering background into a multidisciplinary research team. Additional detail on the research program is available through the research link, with specific pages on each of the major focus areas.

"Our research is typically oriented towards a six month to five year time horizon. We try to balance theoretical research with applied research directly applicable to the poultry industry."

Dr. Benson teaches both traditional in class and online courses for the Engineering Technology program and courses for the poultry industry. Additional detail on our teaching program is available here.

University of Delaware Applied Poultry Research

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