Note: I am only trading CD-Rs now, so I will not post my analog list. I will, however, do analog b+ps for newbies or whoever.

With that said, I'm looking for CD-R trades, so if you want to trade, email me!

I have a few simple rules, same as everyone:

  1. Send w/ jewel cases.
  2. DAO only
  3. No MP3 or analog sourced shows please.
  4. Use quality discs (ie Verbatim, TDK, Sony, others) (no consumer audio, my burner can't work with them)
  5. Be Prompt
  6. Don't write on discs

I'm flexible on some of these, some I'm not. It's not the world's greatest travesty if you write on a disc, but burning TAO might be.

Anyways, here's my list:

Dave Matthews Band




Number of Discs


7-31-92 ??? ??? 3 A+
10-30-93 The Wetlands New York City, NY 3 A+
6-11-96 Garden State Arts Center Holmdel, NJ 2 A+
5-26-99 Giant's Stadium East Rutherford, NJ 2 A
6-27-99 Alpine Valley Music Theater East Troy, WI 2 A+
7-10-99 Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View, CA 2 A
7-24-99 Woodstock: Griffis AFB Rome, NY 1 A
8-04-99 Hershey Park Stadium Hershey, PA 2 A+
9-11-99 Continental Airlines Arena East Rutherford, NJ 3 A+

Grateful Dead

Date Venue Location Number of Discs Grade
2-24-71     2(missing disc III) A+
6-18-74 Freedom Hall Louisville, KY 3 A+
3-19-77 Winterland San Francisco, CA 3 A+
5-7-77 Boston Garden Boston, MA 3 A+
5-21-77 Civic Center Arena Lakeland, FL 3 A+
7-18-89 Alpine Valley East Troy, WI 3 A+
7-19-89 Alpine Valley East Troy, WI 3 A+






Number of Discs


02-13-93 University of Delaware Newark, DE 3 A+
11-15-98 MTSU Murphy Center Murfreesboro, TN 2 A
9-14-99 BSU Pavilion Boise, ID 2 A+
10-9-99 Pepsi Arena Albany, NY 3 A+
12-5-99 Blue Cross Arena Rochester, NY 3 A+



Cover Art

I always had trouble finding covers, so I thought I'd compile a list of sites that have cover art. If you know of another site (or a link dies) notify me.

Dave Matthews Band Covers

Dave Matthews CD Cover's A very extensive site

The Dave Matthews Band Cover Art Archive Also extensive, lots of older covers

DMB Artwork This site also has a lot of covers, this is the one most know about. This links to the 99 covers

DMB CDR Trading & Cover Art

DMB Artwork


The Site That Jane Likes

Index of /cdrcoverart Many 98s, some Phish covers as well

Phish Covers

Phish CDR covers Has a few nice covers

PHAT PHISH CD ART | CD-R Art | phish Etree has a few nice covers

Clambake's Phishwrap - Custom Covers for Live Phish CD Many covers, including for the actual CD

Dave's CD-R List A few Phish covers

ethereal euphony - coverart, jewel inserts, cd artwork, even template covers (front and back) Like it says, also has templates

Aaron's CD Covers A few covers, some 99s Lemonwheel covers


Dave's CD Covers Many covers here, some DMB as well

Live D.E.A.D. - CD Jewel Art Many Phish, Dead covers, as well as other bands. Also has templates

Lots and Lots of CD Covers! Links page to many covers

CD-R Labels Some 99s here

Other Traders

Jeff's DMB Page

Ben's Homepage

Dan's Phish Page

Other Sites of Interest

For Tape Traders

The Hunger Site Home - Donate Food for Free to Give to Feed Hungry People in the World Please do this, it only takes a moment.