ENTO 464 Field Experience 


ENTOMOLOGY 464 Field Experience  - Pass/fail  1-6 credits (maximum 3 credits count toward major requirements)   Section 024


                Career-related work experience and exploration of potential occupations related to Entomology and Ecology.  Student work may be full or part-time, paid or volunteer, during the school year or summer (if in summer or winter sessions, students might consider not registering for credits until the next semester to avoid paying additional registration fees) at a discipline-related site such as a research lab (here at UDEL or elsewhere), pest control firm, museum, pesticide company, beekeeper, or nature center. I can help in search for appropriate opportunities but nearly anything discipline-related can be considered.



 Some recent examples







                                Philadelphia Zoo/Baltimore Aquarium intern

                                Biosphere II

                                Organic farm intern

                                Beekeeper assistant

                                Tri-state bird rescue intern/volunteer









       Del Natural History museum intern

                                Del Nature Center (Ashland) volunteer/part-time employee/stream watch volunteer

                                Del State Park part-time employee

                                Costa Rica nature park volunteer

                                SCA (Student Conservation Association) National Park volunteer


                There is a one-page form to fill out and you need my permission in advance to register for credit. I can help you search for appropriate opportunities. I (and other faculty) need part-time help on grant funds and might be able to hire you for work experience.