Exam #1    March 8, 2000


NAME: _________________________________                                             SS#: ____________


                                   ILLEGIBLE ANSWERS WILL NOT BE GRADED


Read directions and questions carefully.  Think before you respond.       



I.          FILL-INS (4 pts each question).  Fill in each blank with the most accurate and appropriate word or phrase that completes the sentence in the context of this course.


1.         A segmented appendage located on the head region of an insect is the __________________________.  Another segmented appendage also located on the head is _______________________ Describe how the answer in first blank above might be modified in appearance from a typical insect (the grasshopper) ____________________ and identify in what insect you would see such a modification _____________________.


2.         An insect order ending in ...ptera where the first pair of wings is not modified is the ____________ptera. Does the order name describe the winged condition of the order? YES/NO (circle one). What is the common name for insects in this order? ________________________________. What is type of metamorphosis occurs in this order? ____________________________________________.


3.         The exocuticle layer of an insect consists of _____________________. Exterior to the exocuticle is the _______________________ layer. Both layers are produced by the _________________________________.


4.         An insect order (other than Orthoptera) with incomplete metamorphosis and chewing mouthparts with but one pair of functional wings is the order ____________________. What does the order name mean? ____________________________  Describe what the pair of non-functional (at least for flight) wings looks like for order named above __________________________________________________________.


5.         A small-bodied insect has a _____________ surface to volume ratio compared to a larger-bodied insect. The larger insect has more _________________ compared to it's smaller relative which means it has an ADVANTAGE/DISADVANTAGE (circle one) relative to drying out in the terrestrial (land) environment. Explain why: _____________________________________________________.


6.         An insect "olympian" capable of extremely ong jumps (for its size) is the (Common name) _____________________________ in the order _________________________. What specifically does this insect use to jump? _________________________________. Another jumping insect that is a high jumper is the ______________________________ in order  __________________________


7.         An arthropod with two body regions and 8 segmented legs is order ________________ Name an arthropod with no antenna _________________________ and another with 2 pair of antennae ___________________________  If an arthropod doesn't have mandibulate mouthparts it then has _______________________________ type


8.         Name an insect with a proboscis (type of modified mouthpart) __________________ What parts of typical chewing mouthparts (as in grasshopper) are modified to form the proboscis in the insect named above _____________________________________


9.         Name the insect order for the following flies:

            house fly _________________________ caddisfly ________________________

            mayfly ___________________________ stonefly _________________________ 


10.       If the order Coleoptera is most diverse in number of species what is second most diverse order in species number? ________________________________________ What order is most likely the most common in number of individuals that today inhabit our planet? _______________________________________

- 2 -


11.       In the typical insect chewing mouthparts, a portion that moves laterally is the ________________________________. What portion closes the mouth from below? ____________________________________.  In highly predacious insects (like lacewing larvae and tiger beetles) the _____________________ of  the mouthpart is likely to grasp and hold on to the prey?  Palpi are found on what two portions of the mouthparts _________________________ and _________________________________


12.       In the video on dragon and damselflies, we saw that members of this order (give order name) ___________________ have wings that do not _______________. In the beetle video, the tiger beetle was shown to fly with only the wings of the ________________ thoracic segment. What do the larvae of the tiger beetles eat? ____________________


13.       The insect leg which of the 6 segments is in contact with a surface ? _______________ . What part is modified to grasp in the preying mantid? __________________________ In insect wings, __________________ help provide structure to the thin membrane. What insect order has four wings that look very similar? _____________________________


14.       There are _________ distinct life stages in complete metamorphosis (also termed __________________). What is the growth stage? ________________________ What is the probable reason this type of metamorphosis contributes to success in insects? ______________________________________________________________


15.       The reading The Cosmopolitan Cockroach says  humans need to __________________ the cockroach in order to control them. The kind of cockroarch the author was describing were ___________________ cockroaches. Although humans consider them a sign of uncleanliness we unwittingly invite cockroaches to live with us by providing ________________________ for the roaches, especially when we also have _______________ living in our homes.


- 3 -


II.        DIAGRAMS (6 pts. each) Answer all 5 questions.

            16. Identify the common and order name of diagrams (A-C)

            A  _________________         B ________________  C  _______________

                __________________          _________________    ________________








            17. Diagram and label your favorite insect (side external view). Minimum 10 lables.











            18. What order has mouthparts shown? ___________________


                                                                                    What is A? __________



                                                            What does this insect eat? ___________



- 4 -

            19. What order is shown below? __________________


                                                                        What is wing condition of mesothorax?




                        Is this a MALE or FEMALE? (Circle one)



            20. This diagram from the reading by Pringle on insect flight shows wing movements in a                                                                        PRIMITIVE or ADVANCED (circle one) insect?.                                                                                What is insect order in diagram? _______________                                                                             In the majority of insects the muscles that power the                                                                wings attach to the ________________________

















- 5 -

III.       SHORT ANSWER (10 pts). Answer the question below as completely as possible. You may use incomplete sentences, phrases, diagrams or other conventions in your response.


21. You go to a hotel with your traditional family. On entering your room one parent sees a "bug" and exclaims "Eeek a fly!" while another gasps "Oh no cockroaches." Your sibling says "Yuck, a spider" your friend says "Oh no, a bee" and your dog thinks "Oh drats  fleas." What you all see is none of the above but is a _________________ (list a "bug' that it could be other than a fly, roach, spider, bee or flea). Describe  how you knew it was an insect and why it was the insect you listed in blank and none of the critters your family members thought it was.