Tutorial Methods of Instruction
Challenging and Supporting Students in a PBL Classroom
Strategies for Getting Started (Part II)
September 6, 2000

1.      Brief review of last week

2.      Trigger tape for discussion - "In the Beginning"

3.      Informal reports on first days of tutoring - what went well?

4.      Introduction to Perry model and how it may relate to student expectations
         Perry model quiz
         Did you notice any group behaviors that relate to discussion of the Perry model?

5.     Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator in a teaching/learning context
         Did you notice any group behaviors that relate to discussion of the Meyers-Brigg?

6.    Question for groups  - What specifically can a PBL professor and tutor do to help move
        students beyond any initial anxieties or negative reactions to PBL and group learning?

7.     Teaching case assignment

If time permits:

8.    Introduction to good questioning techniques, and one use of questions in PBL
        A brief overview of general strategies for questioning
        Focus on “levels” of questions in the cognitive domain - Bloom’s taxonomy

Next session:     More about questioning techniques.  Introduction to behaviors that undermine group function.

Brief assignment for the next session:     Take a paper, problem, etc. from course in which you're tutoring. Write 3 questions that a tutor could ask that would help guide students through the problem - questions that you might have in mind in anticipation of a tutoring session.