Geomicrobiology (GEOL 408/608)

An exploration of the interface between geological and biological processes. Focused on the mutual effects of microorganisms and Earth's chemistry. Topics include biomineralization, origin and evolution of life, microbial weathering and rock formation, and influences on environmental problems. Every 2 years. Next offering: Fall 2017

Methods in Geomicrobiology (GEOL 667-011)

A seminar and laboratory-based course on various methods in geomicrobiology, with a focus on microscopy techniques, including fluorescence and electron microscopy.

Earth Materials (GEOL 202)

Study of Earth materials including the chemistry, structure, and formation of Earth's minerals and rocks, in the context of major rock- and sediment-forming processes. Currently taught by Adam Wallace. Every Fall.

Writing in Geosciences (GEOL 604)

Approaches to writing in the geosciences. Students will write, edit, and prepare a paper for publication. Every Spring.

Senior Seminar: Topics in Geoscience (GEOL 401)

Integrated examination of topics and concepts of current interest and importance in geoscience. (Second writing course)

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