A minority of wines, beers, and liqueurs are made with animal products. We want to be sure you're drinking the good stuff.

Why we're here

Many alcoholic drinks, such as beer and wine, will have been clarified/ established (fined) using animal derived products, causing concern for vegetarians and vegans. Fining agents are used as a processing aid (as opposed to an additive) which means in theory none should remain in the final product; however this is impossible to guarantee.

A vegan's guide to ethical alcohol

The Vegan Society's Louise Hopkins navigates the potential pitfalls of your favorite drinks to make sure they're vegan and animal-friendly...

Alcohol is something of a vegan’s no-man’s land; a minefield of misinformation and misunderstanding. There remains a distinct lack of knowledge about what goes into the drinks we consume, making vegans and omnivores alike often surprised to learn that their favourite tipple contains animal products.

Drink producers typically incorporate animal derivatives in one of two different ways...

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