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"A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing." --- the late, great Alan J. Perlis

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The computing project numbers on Strauss for this course are:
2003 for sections 10-12;
2004 for sections 13-15;
2005 for sections 80-81.

This is the home page for the University of Delaware course CISC 181 - Intro. to Computer Science taught by Prof. B. F. Caviness in the Fall of 2003.

In the Beginning ...

The Main Course ...

Lecture notes

For each lecture the lecture notes will include the assignment for that class, important announcements (if there are any), solutions to previously assigned exercises, and an outline of the lecture. The outline normally contains a list of all topics to be covered in the lecture (sometimes with additional details) and the example programs to be discussed. These documents will be made available as they are completed. Normally this will be shortly before the lecture.
* Example programs
These are the example programs discussed in lecture.

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Solutions to homework exercises
* Lab write-ups
These are the write-ups for the weekly labs in 009 Willard.
* Programming projects
These are the write-ups for the more extensive programming projects that will be assigned approximately once each month.

Miscellaneous ...

Contact Information ...

Staff Name Office Email Phone Office Hours
Instructor B. F. Caviness 406 Smith caviness at 831-8234 1:30-3:30 Weds & by appt
TAs Bradley Durandetta for sects 13-15 115B Pearson durandet at 831-2770 11AM-1PM, Mondays
Greg Waltz for sects 10-12 115B Pearson gwaltz at 831-2770 1-3PM, Thursdays
Staci Lyvers for sects 80-81 115B Pearson slyvers at 831-2770 9-11AM, Mondays
All TA Office Hours are held in 115B Pearson, Phone 831-2770

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