. Douglas A. Archbald
Ph.D. (1988) University of Wisconsin-Madison


School of Education
103 Willard Hall Building
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: 302-831-6208

Scholarly Interests

  • Achievement and equity effects of school choice policy
  • Role and design of content standards in current reform policy
  • Use of testing for evaluation and accountability
Recent Service
  • Technical Working Group, Magnet Schools Assistance Program Evaluation (U.S. Dept of Education) 
  • Core Faculty of "Delaware Academy for School Leadership" 
  • Technical Review Panel, Census Mapping Project, NCES, (U.S. Dept of Education) 
  • Advisory staff to Delaware Governance & Accountability planning group of Delaware Education Improvement Commission
  • Core Faculty of "National Principals' Leadership Academy 
  • EDUC 875 "Introduction to Education Policy" 
  • EDUC 861 "Curriculum Development and Evaluation" 
  • EDUC 891 "Management Applications of Research I" 
  • EDUC 892 "Management Applications of Research II" 
  • EDUC 686 "Legal Issues for School Managers"
Recent Publications
  • School choice and school stratification: Shortcomings of the stratification critique and recommendations for theory and research. Educational Policy, 14(2), May, 2000. 
  • What's on the Test? An analytical framework and findings from an examination of teachers' mathematics tests. Education Assessment, 6(4), 2000. With Theresa Grant. 
  • The Reviews of State Content Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics: A Summary and Review of Their Methods and Findings And Implications For Future Standards Development. National Education Goals Panel, Washington DC, 1998. http://www.negp.gov/page9-3.htm#Std 
  • Principals' perceptions of management control: Actual and desired. Educational Research Quarterly,22(3), March, 1999.
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