Environmental Soil-Plant Interactions


In the Seyfferth lab, we explore the nano-to-microscale processes that occur in soil/sediment environments that allow contaminants such as arsenic and cadmium to be mobilized in the rhizosphere and plant-available, and the macroscale implications of those processes. We focus on commonly consumed crops such as rice and mushrooms and ways that we can decrease the content of toxic metals and metalloids through holistic soil management that considers greenhouse gas fluxes and water quality. We therefore use an interdisciplinary approach to research that spans the fields of Environmental Soil Chemistry, Plant Physiology, and Biology.  Opportunities for research include both laboratory and field components from the nanoscale to the field-scale.

Welcome to the Seyfferth Lab



Interested students and post-docs may contact Angelia Seyfferth at angelias@udel.edu for details about lab openings.

Research Opportunity

   We welcome four undergraduate researchers who earned fellowships from the   

        EPSCoR Summer Program, Summer Scholars, and the CANR Summer Institute.

        Congratulations Amelia Griffith, Kendall McCoach, George Watson, and Nikhil


   Matt Limmer wins best postdoc presentation at the 2018 CANR symposium!
   Gretchen Dykes earns UD Doctoral Fellowship!
   Sha Zhang receives Fellowship for the CANR Unique Strength in Sustainable

        Food Systems, Landscapes, and Ecosystems

   Kristy Northrup successfully defends her thesis!! CONGRATS KRISTY!!
   Kristy Northrup wins 1st place in Soil Chemistry for her oral presentation at the  

        2017 ASA-CSA-SSSA annual meeting in Tampa, Florida

   Gretchen Dykes receives Honorable Mention in Soil Biology for her poster

        presentation at the ASA-CSA-SSSA annual meeting in Tampa, Florida

   Angelia Seyfferth and Samantha Ying co-organize a facilitated networking event  

        for female soil scientists at the ASA-CSA-SSSA annual meeting


Seyfferth Lab News


Group photo Summer 2018

Top: Matt Limmer; Middle, from left: Amelia Griffith, Sha Zhang, George Watson, Fela Dare, Angelia Seyfferth, Gretchen Dykes, Abby Evans, Weida Wu, Nikhil Chari; Bottom, from left: Maria Pautler, Ruifang Hu, Kendall McCoach