About Us

Students for the Environment, often called S4E or SFE, is a student group on campus dedicated to improving the quality and protection of our cherished Earth! SFE descends from the no longer active Student Environmental Action Coalition.

S4E is a student-oriented and student-run environmental group. We focus on local issues that affect the environment here in Delaware and also participate in political actions on national and global issues. Most of our action is based on trying to raise environmental awareness of students and administration at the University of Delaware but we also participate in activities to support local and national environmental goals. We try to combine education, action, and fun.

S4E has bi-weekly meetings that are open to everyone. We discuss current environmental concerns, plan upcoming events, and sometimes write letters to our congress-persons. Since not all of our members can make it to the bi-weekly meetings, we send out meeting minutes after each meeting.

Visit our Facebook page for our office hours and to see photos of the club.

To join our list serve,
email s4e.udel@gmail.com