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Welcome to the home page for Pro-Life Vanguard at the University of Delaware. Here you can find information about our club at the University of Delaware and about the pro-life movement throughout the nation and the world.

Throughout the pages you will find here, you can see what we're doing on campus. You can find resources to help parents who want to keep their children but do not think they can afford to do so. You can find advice that will help you to more effectively defend the pro-life cause. We hope the information presented here will be useful to you, and if you can think of anything we should add, please feel free to email us.

This semester, meetings will be every Wednesday (unless otherwise noted) at 7:00 p.m. in 114 Gore Hall.

Some new things we're doing this semester include weekly sign waves on Main Street and bi-weekly clinic vigils, typically by the AWMS clinic in Wilmington, where our signs give comfort and contact information for Pregnancy Resource Centers and post-abortive counseling. For the dates and such, please check the calendar (which we are currently getting up to date) or the Facebook group, or send us an email using the link above.

On the home page, you can find the following interesting features:


The website has been completely redesigned to be more coherent and organized. Excessively long pages have been broken up, and some pointlessly short pages have been combined. You can navigate the site using the green bar near the top of the page and, more narrowly, the link lists just below the bar; alternatively, you can use the site map, which is also linked at the bottom of every page. The site is still under construction. Please be patient as the various parts are brought up and running.

The Officer List, found under About Us, has been updated to reflect the changes effected by the elections before the summer.

A form allowing you to Contact Us has been added. It is linked at the bottom of every page, on the Help Us page, and on the About Us page.

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Our Blog!

Pro-Life Vanguard now has a blog. It was started, and is still mainly being run by, our vice president, Gina Paladinetti, who sorts through the daunting myriad of news sources so the rest of us don't have to! Stay up to date on what's going on in the pro-life community! And, of course, we always appreciate comments!

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