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Life at UD



Open Project: UDTSA Maps of Food and Fun

這個計畫的目的是利用Google Map分享UD生活圈好吃好玩的地方,建立一個屬於我們社群的Yelp!這些地圖目前分為 1.亞洲餐廳 2.其他餐廳/酒吧 3. 玩樂購物 還有 4.超市及生活雜務四大類。歡迎任何人自由的使用並分享這些資訊。現在就點選左方選單看看已經有了什麼內容吧!如果你有什麼好去處想在上面分享,請按下面按鈕告訴我們。任何人都能參與不限於UDTSA成員。

The goal of this project is to share the places around University of Delaware by using Google Map, and built a grass-root Yelp of our community! Currently we have four maps of places in the following categories: 1. Asian Restaurants 2. Other Restaurants/Bars, 3. Fun/shopping/recreational, and 4. Grocery/services. You are welcome to use and share this information. Click the side menu bar to see what we've got!If you want to share some places on these maps, tell us by pressing the button below, and you don't have to be a UDTSA member to do so.

--Hao Shen