nothing Quite simply, college is possible without joining a fraternity, but the level of experiences and connections built while in one is unmatched. Brotherhood in Sigma Alpha Epsilon - the largest male fraternity in North America, with 150 years of tradition - takes the college experience to even another level.

What makes SAE distinctive on Delaware's campus is the character of its members and the unity of the whole. There is the clear difference between joining SAE and many other organizations - brothers in Sigma Alpha Epsilon greet each other as if they had been friends their whole lives. We pride ourselves on having brothers with a diverse range of personalities and preferences who simply strive to achieve above others, while never forgetting to have a good time. We are brothers by choice, and for life.

The Delaware Alpha chapter of SAE was colonized at the University of Delaware in 1994 and chartered in 1997, and in our short time here we have undeniably made our presence felt: We have brothers who hold high positions in the Inter-Fraternity Council, are members of varsity sports teams and form competitive intramural teams, and who continuously receive academic honors; we hold numerous events with sororities each semester, including a Homecoming celebration in the fall, Greek Games in the spring, and everything in between from mixers to barbecues to watergun fights; formal in the spring, and numerous date parties held in surrounding cities.

The things that are made possible in SAE are endless, but they all begin with the quality of our brothers. So, to continue our tradition of excellence, we need you. Sincerely, if you have a genuine interest in not only enriching your college experience, but your entire life in general, joining Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the best decision you can make.

Written by SAE class of 2013

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