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Outreach involves LCM being part of an evangelizing church. It is estimated that about
2% (roughly 4,850,776) of the US population are baptized ELCA Lutherans. If this statistic holds true on the Delaware campus we should have approximately 407 baptized ELCA Lutherans in addition to those that are not a part of the ELCA. This number might be skewed, but the point is that our mission field is large, and we have the responsibility, as disciples of Christ, to seek out and minister to these people.

Initiatives taken to do outreach on the University of Delaware Campus:

  • Peer Minister for outreach
  • Newsletter
  • Social Events for faculty and stake holders
  • Helped at “Arrival Survival,” which is the freshmen move-in day
  • Set up tables to advertise at both activities nights on campus
  • Made and meeting a goal to bring at least five new students into the ministry every semester