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No need to write a check anymore!

Did you know there are two new ways for you to donate to LCM without ever opening your checkbook? That’s right all you have to do is go shopping or web surfing and you could donate to LCM.

goodsearchThe first and probably the easiest way is to start using as your normal search engine. On this site you can choose Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Delaware and every time you search you are donating to LCM at the University of Delaware. It is powered by Yahoo so it will give you reliable hits and help our ministry at the same time.

igiveThe other way is to start using iGive for your online shopping. Visit the site and sign-up where it tells you to put your email. Then every time you want to buy something online go back to the iGive website and find the merchant through their vast array of merchants. Then every time you make a purchase iGive will give money to LCM at the University of Delaware. It is as eay as the click of a mouse. This will not require you to pay any more money for your purchases and sometimes you can even save money through coupons and special offers that iGive has. So please explore these options and help our ministry gain new funds.