Foreign Languages and Literatures
Association of Graduate Students


All full-time graduate students are automatically members of the association.

FLLAGS purpose...

  • We serve the interests of the department's graduate students.
  • We provide a forum for open discussion aimed at improving the student experience and quality of instruction within the department.
  • We build a sense of community among graduate students.

FLLAGS activities...

  • Spring semester of each year FLLAGS holds elections for the foreign language graduate students to choose a new president and/or co-presidents.
  • The FLLAGS leadership schedules meetings with fellow grad students to discuss issues and concerns.
  • These issues are then discussed with the graduate faculty during monthly meetings.
  • FLLAGS also plans social events throughout the semester so students can just hang out.


Current FLLAGS president 2014-2015:
Alexandre Labat (MA French)

Faculty Advisor:
Deborah Steinberger


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