Erstwhile Cosmopolitan Staff

Arina Matvejeva - Latvia

Name: Arina, Matvejeva; Major: Economics,MS; City: Cork, Country: Latvia.

Kevin Barry - Ireland

Name: Kevin Barry; Major: Education MS; City: Cork; Country: Ireland.

Gina Henderson - Ireland

Name: Gina Henderson; Major: Climatology Phd; City:Dublin; Country: Ireland.

Justin Merolte - France

Name: Justin Merolte; Major: Mechanical Engineering, MS; City: -; Country: France.

Maryna Reshetnyak

Name: Maryna Reshetnyak; Major: Urban Affairs and Public Policy; Country: -;.

Gokul Mundhra - India

Name: Gokul Mundhra; Major: Hotel and Restaurant Management, MS; Country: India;

Xuan Yu - China

Name: Xuan Yu; Major: Computer Science; Country: China

Doug Dozier - US/Chile

Name: Doug Dozier; Major: Continuing Education; City: Hockessin (DE); Country: US/Chile.

Grace Yang - China

Name: Grace Yang; Major: Biology Phd; City: Beijing; Country: China.

Charlotte Corlay - France

Name: Charlotte Corlay; Major: Mechanical Engineering, MS; City: Dunkerque, Country: France.

Laura Berzina - Latvia

Name: Laura Berzina; Major: Civil Engineering, MS; City: Cesis; Country: Latvia.

Guy Deshayes - France

Name: Guy Deshayes; Major: Electrical Engineering, MS; City: Lyon; Country: France.

Robin Dillaway - US

Name: Robin Dillaway; Major: International Relations, MS; City: Oxford (PA), Country: US.

Kathy Maddox - US

Name: Kathy Maddox; Major: Biology, Phd; City:Baltimore; Country: US.

Berit Rabe - Germany

Name: Berit Rabe; Major: Physical Ocean Science and Engineering, Phd; City: Hamburg; Country: Germany.