Some of the resources below may be useful, especially for students new to the university and the area...

• First, The University of Delaware homepage.

• Need a driver's license? Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles can help.

• Health insurance is a must - University Student Health Sevices have insurance plans available for students.

• The UD newsgroups udel.foreign and udel.general are another way to stay informed about what's going on at Cosmo and the University.

America's Finest News Source
Foreign Student and Scholar Services (FSSS) home page has useful information for foreign students, visitors and faculty.

Center for International Studies home page.

Registered student organizations at UD.

• Make your presence known like we did... publish a student organization Web page  at UD.

• If you are a graduate student, you are represented by the UD Graduate Student Senate (GSS) .

• Need a house? Try the University's Off Campus Housing Information . Off Campus Housing Information .

• Got a house but no furniture? You might get lucky by checking the UD Classifieds .

• Got outdoor plans? check the local weather .

• Want to know what's going on in Baltimore , Washington DC or Philadephia