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The Cosmopolitan Club was formed over thirty-five years ago, for the following purposes:

1. To welcome new international students to the University of Delaware.
2. To provide opportunities for foreign and domestic students to meet one another and become involved in social activities.
3. To organize educational and informative programs for both domestic and foreign students.
4. To promote understanding of foreign cultures on campus and within the community.

In doing all the above, the real purpose is to meet people and have fun. Cosmo members may also be able to help with tutoring in a particular language, since we have speakers of many different languages. If you're interested, come along and ask around.
Membership in the Cosmopolitan Club is open to University of Delaware undergraduate, graduate students and ELI students of all nationalities. The Club currently boasts members from more than 20 countries around the world.

The Club meets weekly, so to find out more, please check our facebook page under Cosmo Club @ UDel, or contact us by email


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the annual International Night of the Cosmopolitan Club!

The main purpose of International Night is to demonstrate the wide array of diverse cultural backgrounds from which the UD student body is formed. It is hoped that this will foster a greater spirit of understanding and unity within the University of Delaware community.

The performances that are lined up for tonight contain a mix of music, song, dance and entertainment that represents a kaleidoscope of culture from every corner of the globe.

We hope you all enjoy the show!!
The Cosmo Team


- Introduction:
Words of Welcome from Kevin Barry of the Cosmopolitan Club.