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Black. Strong. United.

The Black Student Union
Center for Black Culture
192 S. College Ave.
Newark, DE 19717 (302) 831-2991



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Our BSU is not an institution for division of the greater campus community or for the exclusion of any other group on campus. Rather, as our Black Strong United motto makes clear, we serve as the very body of the black community at UD. We are the skeleton that provides support for the difficulties of being a minority at a predominantly white school. We are the muscles that do the work of empowerment and fight for the benefits that are inherent in campus diversity. We are the nerves that provide the momentum for community action. Finally, we are the heart that endures in the face of adversity.
Why have a BSU? Because in a world of diversity the difficulty lies not in indulging in our exclusivity, but in having the courage to extend the hand of inclusion. We have a BSU so that the University of Delaware can be a campus of the people, not just the majority.

BSU President



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President: Leron Fenderson
1st Vice President: Brennan Robinson
2nd Vice President: Tunde Cadmus
Treasurer: Ale Conway
Recording Secretary: Natasha Gaston
Corresponding Secretary: Randall Bailey

Parliamentarian: Danielle  Larregui
Historian: Chip  Howard
Fundraising Chair- Brooklyn Hitchens

Class Representatives: 
Ashlee Johnson - Soph. Class
Nicalia Thompson- Freshman Class

Miss BSU- Amani Clotter
Mr. BSU- Tobe Ofuani

Board Members:
Clyde Broderick
Joyce Fondong
N’Kosi Oates

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