Senate Description

Throughout its structural changes, the StUDent Senate at the University of Delaware has maintained its goal of providing students with a forum for their voices to be heard. StUDent Senate provides student leaders the opportunity to interact both with each other and with prominent administrators on a bi-weekly basis. Not only is StUDent Senate an opportunity for communication about the current issues on campus, but is a place to propose changes for the future of students at the University of Delaware.

Recent History

The first session of the Delaware Undergraduate StUDent Senate was held in the spring of 2005, and has experienced several structural revisions and improvements since its inception. Significant accomplishments of StUDent Senate were an extension of Morris Library hours and the installation of email internet express stations in the student centers, both accomplished in the 2007-2008 academic year. In 2008-2009, the StUDent Senate passed a significant amendment to the Drug and Alcohol policy, administering a “Good Samaritan” rule to protect those seeking medical attention for alcohol-related illness.

In previous years, the Delaware Undergraduate StUDent Senate (DUSS) has operated under the domain of the StUDent Government Association, yet maintained relative independence from SGA’s elected and executive officers. A new structure has been adapted for the 2009-2010 academic year in order to further incorporate the two entities into one, allowing students to have a greater voice within the StUDent Senate.


The StUDent Senate is open for the entire undergraduate student body to attend. The StUDent Senate will hold monthly meetings, during which the entire Senate will discuss current issues and senators will provide updates on the progress of their work (if necessary). Periodically, a member of the university’s faculty and/ or staff will attend a Senate meeting to discuss a relevant topic and answer student questions.

Senate is composed of twenty-five appointed senators who undergo an application and interview process with the elected board of the StUDent Government Association. In addition to these twenty-five senators, four special interest senators represent their respective constituencies -- International Student Life, Residence Life, Club Sports, and Greek Council. RSO Senators (presidents or appointed representatives) are also invited to each Senate and granted voting privileges.

On alternate weeks, during which the StUDent Senate does not meet, there is a rotation of General/Executive and Committee meetings. The SGA committees meet independently at a mutually organized time. Committee meetings are open to all students who wish to express their concerns about issues on campus. The agenda of committee meetings are posted online for viewing by the student body.

Senators indicate their preference for membership within one of the following four standing committees, subject to review and modification by the elected board of the StUDent Government Association: University Affairs/Proposal Review, Public Relations, Programming, and Finance.

Delaware Undergraduate StUDent Senate Meetings

SGA invites the undergraduate student body to attend their monthly Delaware Undergraduate StUDent Senate (DUSS or 'StUDent Senate' for short) meetings. StUDent Senate provides student leaders the opportunity to interact both with each other and prominent administrators. It allows open communication about current issues on campus and is a place for students to propose changes to enhance student life.

Bi-Weekly Committee Meetings

These are open to everyone. Feel free to attend the one that interests you. Committee members are an integral part of SGA so we look forward to your help and input.

Please contact the appropriate officer for more information on meeting dates and locations:

University Affairs and Proposal Review

Public Relations



For more information about what each committee entails, please see below.

Guest Speakers

SGA invites guest speakers to the monthly Senate meetings. If you have any suggestions for a speaker, please let us know!

Previous guest speakers include President Harker; David Brond, Vice President for Communications and Marketing; Dr. David Wilson and Greg Dwyer from the Blue Hen Poll; Ryan Boyer, marketing director for Dining Services/ARAMARK; and George Brelsford, former dean of students.


Academic Affairs. The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for addressing all academic related concerns and supporting activities to promote relationships with each of the seven colleges. Senators serve as a conduit of information to and from their respective college.

Governmental Affairs. The Governmental Affairs Committee is responsible for addressing all governmental related concerns and supporting activities to promote relationships with the City of Newark and the State of Delaware.

Student Affairs. The Student Affairs Committee is responsible for addressing all other student concerns and supporting activities to promote unity among the University community. This can include involvement with registered student organizations (RSOs), fraternity/sorority affairs, international students, commuter students, and disabled students.

Programming. The Programming Committee is responsible for planning and executing all major events for the StUDent Government Association such as Fall Elections, Spring Elections, and special events to support the mission of the organization.

Finance. The Finance Committee is responsible for the allocation of StUDent Government Association funds and assists with University Student Centers Treasurer Training.

Public Relations. The Public Relations Committee is responsible for marketing of all major StUDent Government Association business including but not limited to: Fall Elections, Spring Elections, Signature Event, SGA Meetings, and Forums.  The Public Relations Committee maintains the SGA Website and Social Media, and serves as the primary contact with student media outlets.