How Change Happens: Turning a Proposal to a Policy

There are several ways in which student ideas become formal policies of the University of Delaware.

An idea first comes to the Student Senate through an e-mail to an SGA representative, during a University Affairs/Proposal Review committee meeting, or at a Senate meeting.

The idea is brought to the University Affairs committee, where the issue is addressed and a proposed plan of action is developed. This process usually involves extensive research both at the University of Delaware and its peer institutions, in addition to meetings with appropriate members of UD’s administration. If necessary, an ad-hoc committee may be formed to investigate the issue.
The proposal is then brought to the proposal review committee, where the ideas are formalized, formatted, and prepared for introduction at the following Senate meeting.

The proposal is presented and then voted upon by the Senate members. The proposal is either passed as is, or amendments are suggested and the proposal returns to committee. The issue may also be tabled for discussion at a later date or denied.

If a proposal is passed through the Senate, further meetings are held with the appropriate administrators. If necessary, the proposal will be further amended before being passed.

If a proposal is accepted by the administration, the new policy is then presented to the Student Senate by a relevant member of the University of Delaware’s administration.