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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on udel.edu. Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the right list name appended.

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List Description
Ada-office-comm communication for ADA Students
After-school after school family support
Ald-07 ALD Honors Fraternity
Ald-08 ALD Honors Society
Ald-09 ALD Honors Fraternity
Ald-10 ALD National Honors Society
Alpha-zeta Alpha Zeta Email
Alphazeta-officers [no description available]
Amnesty-international [no description available]
Anthro-Club Anthropology Club at UD
Asbmb-uan [no description available]
Bhic-mail BHIC Mail
Bluehenmarketingclub [no description available]
cac-ud Colleges Against Cancer
CCST-Industry [no description available]
Ce-facultyv [no description available]
Chai-Times Weekly email from Chabad
Che-bme [no description available]
Che-grads [no description available]
Che-mseg [no description available]
Che-staff [no description available]
Cheng-test [no description available]
Chsphd-l [no description available]
Circle-K Circle K -
Cis-all cis-faculty plus exceptions.
Cis-alumni [no description available]
Cis-faculty All CIS faculty and staff, with few exceptions.
Cis-faculty-other Defunct; use cis-faculty
Cis-faculty-voting Tenure track and CNTT faculty, CG, VC
Cis-grads CIS graduate students.
Cis-seminar cis-faculty + cis-grads + interested others
Cis-staff CIS office and EECIS staff
Cis-ters Women in Computer and Information Sciences
Civillibertiesunion-ud Civil Liberties Union Mailing List
Climbingclub For anyone interested in the UD Climbing Club
Coastal_list coastal engineering communication list
Cognos-ir-sig cognos_ir
Cognos-sdm-users [no description available]
Cogsci-interest [no description available]
Collegelibs [no description available]
CrimeAlert University of Delaware E-mail Crime Alert
Crusade-members Campus Crusade for Christ @ UD member list
CTAL-news Unviersity of Delaware Center for Teaching & Assessment of Learning (CTAL) mailing list
DAPA-News DAPA News and Announcements
DCEE-news [no description available]
Del-masst [no description available]
Del-mast [no description available]
Delaware-kayaking Delaware Kayaking
Delaware-OCF Orthodox Christian Fellowship
Deltasig-ud Delta Sigma Pi
Democrats College Democrats List
Depaintball [no description available]
Descubaclub Mailing list for the Delaware Scuba Club
Digitalphoto849 [no description available]
Dusc-exec [no description available]
Dusc-general [no description available]
E-52 E-52 Student Theatre
EEPSA-List Energy and Environmental Policy Student Association
Ega-students [no description available]
Engg-alum ENGAGE Newsletter Mailing List
Engr-test [no description available]
Epaps-group [no description available]
Etc-mail [no description available]
Excel-students [no description available]
Expanding-Opportunities Inclusive Early Care and Education
Exsc-club Exercise Science Club
Faculty_activity [no description available]
Fis-web-forms [no description available]
French-club French Club
GF-BioLeaders GF- Biodiversity/MPA Working Group leaders
GF-BioMembers GF- Biodiversity/MPA Working Group Members
GF-CapacityLeaders GF-Capacity Working Group Leaders
GF-CapacityMembers GF-Capacity Working Group Members
GF-ClimateLeaders GF-Climate Oceans and Security Working Group leaders
GF-ClimateMembers GF- Climate Oceans and Security Working Group Members
GF-ComplianceLeaders GF- Compliance Working Group leaders
GF-ComplianceMembers GF- Compliance Working Group Members
GF-EBMLeaders GF-Ecosystem Base Management WG Leaders
GF-EBMMembers GF-Ecosystem Base Management WG Members
GF-EcosystemServicesLeaders GF-Ecosystem Services Working Group Leaders
GF-EcosystemServicesMembers GF-Ecosystem Services Working Group members
GF-EEZLeaders GF- Exclusive Economic Zone Working Group Leaders
GF-EEZMembers GF- Exclusive Economic Zone Working Group Members
GF-FishLeaders GF- Fisheries Working Group Leaders
GF-FishMembers GF- Fisheries Working Group Members
GF-FWLeaders GF- Fresh Water Working Group Leaders
GF-FWMembers GF- Fresh Water Working Group Members
Gf-hanoiparticipants List Serve for Hanoi Participants
GF-HighSeasLeaders GF- High Seas Working Group Leaders
GF-HighSeasMembers GF- High Seas Working Group Members
GF-IndicatorsLeaders GF- Indicators Working Group Leaders
GF-IndicatorsMembers GF- Indicators Working Group Members
GF-LMELeaders GF-Large Marine Ecosystem Working Group Leaders
GF-LMEMembers GF- Large Marine Ecosystem Working Group Members
GF-PovertyLeaders GF-Poverty Working Group Leaders
GF-PovertyMembers GF-Poverty Working Group Members
GF-PublicEdLeaders GF- Public Education Working Group Leaders
GF-PublicEdMembers GF- Public Education Working Group Members
Gf-secretariat List Serve for Secretariat of the 4th Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts, and Islands
Gf-secretariatall General List Serve for Secretariat of the 4th Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts, and Islands
GF-SIDSLeaders GF-SIDS Working Group Leaders
GF-SIDSMembers GF- SIDS Working Group Members
GF-TourismLeaders GF- Tourism Working Group Leaders
Gf-TourismMembers GF-Tourism Working Group Members
GF-TransportationLeaders GF- Maritime Transportation Working Group Leaders
GF-TransportationMembers GF- Maritime Trasportation Working Group Members
GIS-Info For general questions about GIS on campus.
Global_oceans [no description available]
Globalforum-steering [no description available]
Gof-riofriends [no description available]
Graff-club Grafikki
Greek-council Greek Council Exec
Greektoga replaced greek-prez@udel.edu
GSG-members Graduate Student Government Members List
Gss-events Grad Student Senate What's Happening
Gymnastics-club [no description available]
Health-behavior [no description available]
Hemi-list [no description available]
Home-visiting [no description available]
I-sse [no description available]
Imm-committee Interactive Media Minor committee
Imrec-officials UD Intramural Officiating Information
Industryrt [no description available]
Interactive-media-minors Interactive Media Minors
International-criminal-justice A discussion of international criminal justice institutions.
International_film_series IFS mailing list
Israel-list [no description available]
KCDE-all Kids Count project
KDP-UD Kappa Delta Pi
Leaders-circle [no description available]
Leadership-institute Leadership Institute at University of Delaware
Lgpnews-list [no description available]
LHH-Caucus Latino/Hispanic Heritage Caucus List
Lib-dus [no description available]
Ling101-teachandtutor [no description available]
Mathematica-admin [no description available]
Mathtrailblazers-sc [no description available]
Mcdowellsite-students Miscelaneous wage computer site assistants.
Mechanical-alumni Mechanical Engineering Alumni
Med-reading [no description available]
MEengg-alumni [no description available]
modcc-list modcc
MsAccess-ug UD MS Access User Group List
MUG_list UD Macintosh Users Group listserv
Music-curriculum [no description available]
Mycourses-ud [no description available]
Nihongo-table [no description available]
Npch-members [no description available]
Nss-gia [no description available]
NSS-managers [no description available]
NSS-Resume NSS Resume Mail Account
OET-staff [no description available]
Op-Smile Operation Smile @ U.D.
Pac-5 UD PAC District 5
Pac-dist-14 PAC District 14
Paintball-club [no description available]
PAN-PBL Pan-American Network of Problem-Based Learning
Peaceout-sidecampus [no description available]
phi-alpha-delta Phi Alpha Delta Prelaw Honors Fraternity
Phi-Gamma-Delta Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta Mailing List
Phil-admin [no description available]
Phil-friends [no description available]
Phil-major [no description available]
Phil-minor [no description available]
Phono-1 Phonology 1 discussion list
Present-faculty Faculty members who have visited the PRESENT site in User Services
Psych-club Psych Members
Puppy-club [no description available]
Puppy-club-interest-07 [no description available]
PV-List Pro-Life Vanguard General Mailing List
Red-cross [no description available]
Rotaract-Club [no description available]
Roundtable Ocean Policy Roundtable
Rsa-president [no description available]
runnin-blue-hens Running Club at UD
s4e-list Students for the Environment
Sbtl-0809 [no description available]
SCEC-UD Student Council for Exceptional Children @ University of Delaware
Scene-ud7 Student & Up-And-Coming Entertainment
Scied-seminar Mailing list for the Science Education research seminar
sctp-qualnet-module Mailing list for SCTP Module in QualNet
SGA-General student government general mailing
Sigep-ud [no description available]
Sipi-Members The SIPI-Times
Socialist-Students [no description available]
Soe-scholars04 CHEP Summer Scholars in SOE 2004
Soearth-list Students of the Earth
SOWF-list Society of Winterthur Fellows
Sunray-announce [no description available]
Swe-members [no description available]
Swe-officers [no description available]
TAH-03 TAH for MS & HS
Tasa-mail Turkish-American Student Association (TASA) mailing list
TBP-Alumni Tau Beta Pi Alumni Mailing List
Tep-members [no description available]
The-Swing-Club UD Swing
The-swing-club-highvolume [no description available]
The-swing-club-work1 [no description available]
The-swing-club-work2 [no description available]
Theta-nubies Theta Nu Associates
Thetanu-alum Pi Kappa Phi Alumni
TMO-Bingo Listserv for the Saint Thomas More Oratory Bingo Outreach
TQE-board Teacher Quality Enahncement Grant Advisory Board
TQE-Inservice Mailing list for inservice teachers involved in the Teacher Quality Enhancement Program.
TQE-Preservice Mailing list for undergraduate students involved in the Teacher Quality Enhancement Program
Treasurers-list RSO treasurers
trec-million09 TREC Million Query Track 2009 mailing list
trec-sessions TREC Sessions Track
Tri-beta [no description available]
Tutoring-for-tomorrow [no description available]
TW-Verts [no description available]
U-Dance [no description available]
Uas-mailer [no description available]
Ud-alp dalp
Ud-ballroom University of Delaware Ballroom Dance Team
ud-cognos [no description available]
Ud-dac DAC Email List
UD-ERWG UDel Emergency Working Group mailing list
UD-GIS Geographic Information Systems at the University of Delaware
UD-Haven Haven General Body
ud-jepa JEPA mail
Ud-progressives Delaware Progressive Student Caucus
Ud-research-news [no description available]
UD-SPIE SPIE Student Chapter at the University of Delaware
Ud-water [no description available]
Ud-webteam [no description available]
UDaily-Alumni University of Delaware's subscription service for Alumni news
UDaily-Alumni-html University of Delaware's subscription service for Alumni news
UDaily-arts University of Delaware's on-line news subscription service
UDaily-Parents University of Delaware's news subscription service for Parents
UDaily-Parents-html University of Delaware's news subscription service for Parents
Udaily-staff [no description available]
Udaily-staff-html [no description available]
Udche-soccer Chemical Engineering Soccer List
UDREAM-students UDREAM Students
UDSC-Mail [no description available]
UDSL-group University of Delaware's Second Life mailing list.
Us-at-war [no description available]
Vm-support [no description available]
vsa-members [no description available]
W-l-o [no description available]
W3UD [no description available]
Warriors-christ Warriors for Christ
Water-polo University of Delaware Club Water Polo
WebCT-Faculty [no description available]
Wellness-news [no description available]
Wib-mail Women in Business email list
wildlife-society The Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society at UD
WIS-CAS Women in Science - College of Arts & Sciences
Wommack-lab [no description available]

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