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I began the Ed.D. program in Fall 2006. Originally I was focused on higher education track of the Curriculum, Technology, and Higher Education (CTHE) Ed.D. program. However, after further courses I realized that my passion was more in the area of educational techology.

My educational interest in terms of my EPP are to develop a pilot design for online training modules for my department. My course works reflects a mix of higher education adminstration and education technology courses. This allowed me to blend two areas.

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Fall 2006

EDUC867 Education and the Latin@ Diaspora


This course focused on exploring both the education about Latinos/as and of Latino/as in the U.S. We examined issues within a broad historical, cultural, and sociopolotical framework. We looked and interpreted texts and images that reflect the Latino/a indeitity and its communities. We also examined theoretical, policy and practice issues and dilmennas facing Latino/a students in the education system.

This course was one of my favorite courses. The professor designed the course in such a manner that allowed you to come to understand the issues facing Latino/a children in education on your own.

Some examples of coursework include: Factors that deter Latino/as from leadership, The Glorified Latina Look in Hollywood

Winter 2007

EDUC665: Elementary Statistics


In this course, we learned conceptual understanding of some useful statistical techniques along with practical computer and statistical skills. We explored topics such as descriptive statistics, regression, exploratory data analysis and hypothesis testing. We learned how to use SPSS and analyze data through running tests.

Some examples of coursework include: Stat HW #3

Spring 2007

EDUC860: Curriculum Theory


This course focused on examining different curriculum theories and the history of curriculum as a field of study. There were weekly reflections posted on that focused on societal forces influencing curriculum, assumptions underlying curriculum decisions and conflicting views of curriculum. This course was offered in hybrid-form online with a class in Georgetown, DE.

Some examples of coursework include: Reflection #2, Reflection #3

EDUC847: Postsecondary Student Affairs Management


This course focused on exploring the structure of higher education as it pertain to student affairs. We examined history, student affairs issues, co-curricular programming, political and social issues. This course was designed as problem-based and we developed a project to answer the problem.

Some examples of coursework include: Personal Educator Philosophy, Theory to Practice, PBL framework

Summer 2007

EDUC818: Education Technology Foundations


This course explored overview use of education technology and techniques such as instructional technology; internet resources; web design; technology integration strategies;and assessment and evaluation. This course was delivered through Serf, a Web-based distance education environment invented by Dr. Fred T. Hofstetter.

My group created a website, Enhancing citizenship education through technology use in higher education, that explore how technology can be used by student affairs professionals.





Fall 2007

EDUC 824 Effective Communication for Educational Leadership


Effective leaders must be competent writers and presenters. This core course within the doctoral program focused on decision-making, problem-solving, and persuasion.

My paper in this class focused on the latin@ leadership development in higher education.

Click here to view the paper and PowerPoint


EDUC 850 Qualitative Research in Education


This course explored the concept of qualitative research, design and implementation, and ethical issues facing researchers.

My project focused on students' leadership development within the Special Interest Housing program (which I oversee at UD).

Some examples of coursework include: Leadership assignment, Interview Themes


Winter 2008

EDUC 885: Education Technology Topic: Ajax Web Design


This elective course explored how to use Ajax tools to enhance websites. Ajax is an acronym that stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Three areas explored were (1) asynchronous, (2) JavaScript, and (3) XML.

This course was completed online, though the class met in real time. Dr. Hofstetter designed the course based on constructivism and believed you learn best if you are empowered. Check it out:

The final project I designed was a Sustainability website with many resources.

As a result of this course, I decided to change my concentration to education technology. By doing so, I have combined my passion of student affairs with my technical abilities.


Spring 2008

EDUC 885: Education Technology Topic: Cognition and Technology


This course explored theories of learning and instruction and its relation to technology. We examined current learning sciences theories (such as cognitive and socio-cognitive theories) and their role in the design and use of educational technology in real world settings.

This course aligned my interest in learning with technology. It was a challenging course with weekly blogs and a class project but the knowledge attained in this course provided direction for my Epp.

Some examples of coursework include: Reflection #1, Reflection #2, Final project PPT

EDUC 867: Ethnographic Research


This course explored ethnographic research through implementation of a project. We learned how to design and conduct fieldwork, developing techniques such as formulating research questions, gaining access to field sites, role management, field note transcribation and data analysis.

This was my most challenging course I took in the amount of work and focus needed. Luckily, one of my favorite instructors taught it and she constructed the course step-by-step towards the final project.

My topic examined the sense of belonging satellite students felt towards their flagship institution.

Some examples of coursework include: Book Review, Negotiating Identity and Ethical Responsibility as an Ethnographer PPT, Memo #2

Summer 2008

EDUC 891: Program Analysis and Planning in Education


This course focused on developing a draft of the executive proposal paper through conceptualizing and designing purposeful studies for the EPP. We defined the problem statemnt, developed supporting arguments, identified literature, and presented on our topic.

This course was hybrid - most of the articles and assignments were delivered online through WebCT while the class only met five times in 5 hour intervals.

Some examples of coursework include: Hidden Traps

Fall 2008

EDUC 885: Education Technology Topic: Sakia Design


This elective course explored how to use Sakai web design to enhance learning in the classroom. Sakai is a Web-based learning management system that is being developed by a consortium of educational institutions that belong to the Sakai Project.

This course was completed online, though the class met in real time. Dr. Hofstetter designed the course based on constructivism and believed you learn best if you are empowered. Check it out:

The final project I designed was two Sakai sites used within the Office of Residence Life, one for RA class and one for training. Read the write up of the project.



EDUC 863: Program Evaluation in Education


This course focused on designing a program evaluation. We explored what program evalaution is, different models, theories and practice of program evaluation and application in education. Topics include experimental and quasi-experimental
designs, validity, political and ethical issues of evaluation and the implementation
and practice of process and outcome program evaluation.

My program evaluation assessed the effectiveness of online training modules to enhance knowledge and application in the RA position. This data served as the baseline for my EPP proposal.

Some examples of my course work were: Logic Map, Prompt reflection



Winter 2009

EDUC 639: Education Technology Topic: Eportfolio web design


This elective course focused on the development of eportfolios. As the Wikipedia states, "An electronic portfolio, also known as an e-portfolio or digital portfolio, is a collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user, usually on the Web."

This course was completed online, though the class met in real time. Dr. Hofstetter designed the course based on constructivism and believed you learn best if you are empowered. Check it out:

The final project is the site you are currently visiting. I used several resources to design this site, such as best practices and ISTE standards.



EDUC 964: Pre-candidacy Study


This independent course focused on the development of the EPP proposal and its defense. This course is required before admission to doctoral candidacy once all required course work has been completed.

My EPP Proposal focuses on designing a model for online training modules to be used with paraprofessionals in the Office of Residence Life. I defended on Jan. 26th and passed!


Spring and Summer 2009

EDUC 969: Doctoral Dissertation


I will be working on reviewing literature on learning theories as it pertains to multimedia use and aligning those principles to design a model for online training modules. Once designed, I will be using a multimodal assessment on its effectiveness to enhance knowledge and application to the RA position. Recommendations will be developed based on data analysis and presented in my dissertation paper.

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